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Many come to know Dr. Gottlieb as Jamie after coming to see him in office. His approach to treatment starts with developing a relationship with his patients outside of the cut and dry medical diagnosis. He believes that getting an idea of a patient’s full history and future goals are imperative when determining the best possible treatment for that specific patient. He often wears cowboy boots and scrubs while in clinic, rarely using complicated medical terms and explanations. He believes when it comes to educating patients on their problem that it should be done in simple straightforward language that allows a clear understanding of the situation at hand. As always, Dr. Gottlieb will look to recommend conservative treatment. However, in some cases, alternatives may need to be considered.


In the last ten years, new surgical advancements have allowed spine surgeons to use evidence-based techniques that restore natural motion and relieve neurological symptoms. Often done in the outpatient setting, a patient with debilitating neck or back pain may go home the same day after surgery without extensive recovery times. These artificial discs mimic the motion and kinematics of a natural human disc instead of the traditional “fusion” techniques where two vertebrae are fused together which limits motion and may cause further complications. Highly specialized instrumentation provide safe and effective use of artificial discs that often lead to desired outcomes.

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We take a team approach to make sure Dr. Gottlieb's patients are educated properly on their condition and treatment plan.

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As one of the most distinguished surgeons in Texas, Dr. Gottlieb has helped patients with some of the most difficult spine issues known in the field.

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