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Meet Dr. Gottlieb

Jamie treats each patient as an individual and will tailor the treatment based on their problem with the focus on improving their quality of life.  He truly believes no two patients are exactly alike and will customize treatment accordingly.

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Our focus permits complete evaluation of all details surrounding spinal pathologies from conservative to surgical solutions, as well as a long-term emphasis on prevention and cutting edge advancement in treatment options

Conditions We Treat:

Our treatment plans are specifically tailored to each patient. Every person has individual needs, which when addressed create the most outstanding treatment outcomes.

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What People Say:

“When I first saw him we tried everything from injections to physical therapy to alleviate my conditions. This is the mark of a great doctor. Surgery was always talked about as a last resort. He pushed to try many methods and have them fail before we talked about the surgery route. Go see this man! He has a bedside manner that is second to none. He takes the time to explain all the possible routes and their pro’s and con’s so you can make an informed decision on your care. You never leave an appointment wondering about possible treatments and if they will work for you.” – Steve B.

Patient Testimonials

We provide the best personalized care with the most up-to-date technology and the difference is clear.

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Henry L.

A surgeon who cares. Hear the immediate difference in the Henry’s quality of treatment after switching to Dr. Gottlieb.

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Madhu R.

Hear why a fellow spine surgeon trusted Dr. Gottlieb above the rest.

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Kenneth C.

Post-Operative Care makes all the difference in your recovery. Hear Kenneth’s journey to living pain free.

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