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Living with lumbar spinal stenosis can feel like a constant battle, where even simple movements can trigger intense pain and discomfort. The Vertiflex™ procedure provides a revolutionary, less invasive solution to manage these symptoms and enhance the quality of life for individuals struggling with this condition.

What is Vertiflex™?

Vertiflex™ is a minimally invasive procedure aimed at treating lumbar spinal stenosis. Spinal stenosis occurs when the spinal canal narrows, compressing the nerves and causing various debilitating symptoms.

The Vertiflex™ procedure involves the insertion of a small, titanium alloy spacer, called the Superion® implant, between the vertebrae. This implant creates space in the spine, relieving the pressure on the affected nerves and reducing symptoms associated with stenosis.

What Conditions Does the Vertiflex™ Procedure Treat?

The Vertiflex™ procedure primarily treats lumbar spinal stenosis, which affects the lower back. Symptoms of this type of stenosis might include pain, numbness, weakness, and cramping in the legs, especially during physical activity. The symptoms may subside when sitting or leaning forward. By addressing these symptoms and providing relief from the compression of the spinal nerves, the Vertiflex™ procedure significantly improves the patient’s mobility and overall quality of life.

How is the Vertiflex™ Procedure Done?

  1. Preparation and anesthesia: First, you will be prepared for the procedure, and local anesthesia is administered to numb the area.
  2. Insertion of the Superion® implant: A small incision is made in the lower back, and the Superion® implant, a small titanium spacer, is inserted between the vertebrae in the spine.
  3. Closure and recovery: The incision is closed, and you will be monitored in a recovery area before being discharged.
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Top Quality Care at Gottlieb Spine

By providing relief from the symptoms associated with LSS, such as pain, weakness, and numbness, Vertiflex™ enhances mobility and allows individuals to regain an active and fulfilling lifestyle. If you’re experiencing symptoms of lumbar spinal stenosis, schedule an appointment at Gottlieb Spine to confirm your diagnosis.



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